January 2012 and us!


recent events in Pakistan, made me write these lines


caesar’s people

lacking brutus

throw to the lions

the very publics

watching from the stands

the fight of brawn and gore

happy in the thought

it‘s not their turn yet

to be fed to the lions.

and caesar’s sly smile

for another day passed

his throne intact

people going home

after a day at the games

more tired of the jostling

than the gladiators themselves

who get fed a potion

and a geese

waiting with aching body

for the morrow in the rink.

no rights here

no doubts cast

no rides to take

no ides to fear

neither a friendly foe

nor to be left out the door.

just a bubble

getting larger

reflecting hues of colors


empty within

like the coffers

of the kingdom

ready to burst and show

more of nothingness.

promises broken

thoughts askew

hopes shattered

even the last

semblance of life


and still

they flock to the arena

to hear the music

for the dance

must go on!

january 3, 2012. 09:30 hours


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