a nation unsung


(the energy crisis and the unacceptable to people solution to it resulting in lines at gas stations, and strikes to protest the way the issue is being handled, led to this outpouring of words)

a nation

to whom is lost

the wisdom of the queue

at last

stands in lines

for energy to run

the wheels of life

and turning their anger

to breaking windows

road lights

and burning cars

someone’s hard earned asset

turned to ash

in a flash

roads blackened by the soot

of burning tyres and debris

playing hide and seek

with them who should

guard but are

turned to hound.

and the house on the hill

millions a day

for its upkeep spent

enough to power a town

day and night for a week

but unmindful of the plight

of those who pay

for their sustenance

burn the nation’s wealth

leaving in the wake

broken homes

shattered dreams

hurt egos

empty hands

hunger pangs

wasted life’s

bitter tastes


and still

it goes on

the charade of life

a kaleidoscope

of black and white

like night after day

for them to stand

in lines

another day

and curse!

january 05, 2012, 10:10 hours


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