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Orphaned by Extremism

September 8, 2012

my article on the lifeafterhate site.


No child is immune to the traumatic effects of terrorism, whether they are in New York, Bosnia, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, London, Lebanon, Rwanda, Kashmir, Darfur, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or elsewhere. And while many children are resilient after traumatic experiences, many develop a variety of emotional and behavioral symptoms that can be severe and long-lasting.

Life Goes On

September 4, 2012

Life Goes On 6.

best depiction ever!

Ghulam Nabi Malik, first Pakistani Principal Mayo School of Arts (now NCA) Lahore

March 16, 2012

i am proud of the fact that the first Pakistani Principal of the Mayo School of Arts – now NCA Lahore – Ghulam Nabi Malik (1947 to 1954) was my grandfather.

“Before I took up work there, there had been no co-education at the institute. There were a few female students in my classes, but they were relegated to the basement of the National College of Arts. One day, I went to Mr. Ghulam Nabi, the Principal of the Mayo School of Arts and said:“Sir, I would like to mix these classes. The girls come here to learn art and we cannot provide an extra model because of lack of funds. If you will allow me, this will be done. “Mr. Ghulam Nabi gave me a free hand: “Kutub, if you think you can succeed, go ahead.”

January 2012 and us!

January 6, 2012

recent events in Pakistan, made me write these lines


caesar’s people

lacking brutus

throw to the lions

the very publics

watching from the stands

the fight of brawn and gore

happy in the thought

it‘s not their turn yet

to be fed to the lions.

and caesar’s sly smile

for another day passed

his throne intact

people going home

after a day at the games

more tired of the jostling

than the gladiators themselves

who get fed a potion

and a geese

waiting with aching body

for the morrow in the rink.

no rights here

no doubts cast

no rides to take

no ides to fear

neither a friendly foe

nor to be left out the door.

just a bubble

getting larger

reflecting hues of colors


empty within

like the coffers

of the kingdom

ready to burst and show

more of nothingness.

promises broken

thoughts askew

hopes shattered

even the last

semblance of life


and still

they flock to the arena

to hear the music

for the dance

must go on!

january 3, 2012. 09:30 hours

thought for the day

November 13, 2011

right but irrelevant – interesting combination!

love i said

April 10, 2011

love i said
is not physical
nor is it
but a feeling
to be felt
and continually felt
absence, presence
mattering not
but an all-pervasive
ever present
ever there
ever felt
but then how
can you feel love
unless you have known
and the feeling
associated with it
dispensation of His will
like a hand on our back
propelling us further
into a headless
deeply felt
of belonging.

January 05, 2011
15:41 hours

Azm Awards 2011 airing on the 23rd of March

March 18, 2011

The Azm Awards 2011 will be aired on the 23rd of March channel / timing is as below, so don’t forget to watch:

i am one of the nominees.

Tv One (10 pm)
News1 (10 pm)
Waseb (10 pm)
Sindh Tv ( 4 pm)
Apna Channel (3 pm)
ARY News (3 pm)
ARY Musik (4 pm)
CNBC ( 3 pm)
Dhoom (5 pm)
Dunya TV (4… pm)
Oxygene (4 pm)
City 42 (TBA)
Waqt News (TBA)
Dawn News (TBA)

“KILLING IN THE NAME” wins Best Documentary at LA Shorts Fest’10

August 3, 2010

Killing in the Name
follows Ashraf’s quest to speak with victims and perpetrators and expose the true cost of terrorism. From an Al-Qaeda recruiter, to a militant behind one of the world’s worst terrorist attacks, to a madrassa full of boys ready for jihad, Ashraf takes us on a journey around the world to see if one man can speak truth to terror, and begin to turn the tide.

moon market lahore activity on 30 march 2010

April 1, 2010

pictures uploaded to facebook group ‘global survivors network’

cheers, its over and went rather well, better then i expected!!

the ceremony started with a recitation of the holy quran, followed by a few words from me, and then rao mubarik ali, the chairman of the association spoke for a few long minutes.

rana azhar abbass, rao mubarik ali and i then pulled the cloth to unveil the monument.

the tv crew then made me say a minute worth of what all was happening, followed by a live telecast of my interview with city tv 42. and tea and snacks, which were eaten as if people were hungry after the speeches!

i was interviewed by express news (tv), city tv 42, daily times, the news (english newspapers), and jang (urdu newspaper).

in addition i talked to about 20 people who stopped to ask what was going on there.

post event:

rao mubarik, and rana azhar were all apologies for the mix-up cum flap and for not coordinating the activity etc., etc., which is nice of them, actually they were not expecting such a large media turn over, or that it would be a crowd puller! so they realized an opportunity lost, because of their inability to anticipate and counter
the oppositions action.

people wise, there were about 50 from the market, about 20+ media, university people 10, peace activists, civil society members, and over 300 people walking about stopped and saw what was happening. on the whole, it was well worth the time spent and nails bitten, and the final almost cardiac when we were still haggling at 3 pm, with just about two hours to go for the bang!!

thank you all for the prayers, crossed fingers, and good wishes that you sent our way. may allah bless us all, make us happy, safe, and help us in our work – aamen

December 15 and 17, 2009 – National College of Arts Lahore

December 28, 2009

Met with the faculty with the support and lead of Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar, and talked to the students about surviving terrorism, the death of a NCA graduate in the Moon Market Lahore blast (07-12-09) added significance to this meeting.

Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar of the NCA, is leading this activity, and has a blog going at to document terrorist activities and related information from the Pakistan point.

We plan to expand the activities to involve students in poster competition, slogan competition, and such activities.

I have been approached by students of the NCA who are willing to work on this with lots of zeal, and we will work together with Nadeem to create a core group who will reach out to the victims of terrorism, and in case of any future (God forbid) incident to try to be present to help in the evacuation, an/or assistance in locating victims on site, or in the hospitals.

Appreciate the efforts, and hope we will be able to make the NCA activity as a model or other institutions to follow.

An outcome of this talk was a meeting with a faculty member of FCC University Lahore, to work on a similar activity at the FCCU in January after the winter vacations.