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Orphaned by Extremism

September 8, 2012

my article on the lifeafterhate site.


No child is immune to the traumatic effects of terrorism, whether they are in New York, Bosnia, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, London, Lebanon, Rwanda, Kashmir, Darfur, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or elsewhere. And while many children are resilient after traumatic experiences, many develop a variety of emotional and behavioral symptoms that can be severe and long-lasting.

37 children die in a bus accident

September 27, 2011

when 37 school children (of 105 people in a bus with the capacity of 52) between the ages of 11-14 die during a school outing because the bus they were on fell in a deep gully on the motorway, and everybody spends the next 24 hours passing the blame and waiting for the last of the children to be buried so that life can “go on as usual,” then do we really have to wonder what is wrong with the fabric of Pakistani society?