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today i cried

June 24, 2017

today i cried for the 22 loved ones lost in manchester

today i cried for gul rukh tahir

today i cried for the 70,000 loved ones lost in pakistan

today i cried for my helplessness

today i cried for having lost faith in a fate fated

today i cried as i sat looking at the blank tv screen for i did not have the strength to reach for the remote and see manchester

today i cried as i saw my reflection in the tv screen juxtaposed with scenes from 10/05-09 till today

today i cried at not feeling sad, angry, mad, crazed, but at just sitting numb – living the moments with the loved ones left to mourn the 22 of manchester

today i cried at the agony of those waiting for news of their loved ones in hospital.

and today i cried for i do not know what.

tahir wadood malik

23/24.05.17 midnight till 01.00 hours


The Lahore that lahore Was

September 10, 2015

my last blog about Lahore

I wish I could say “Lahore Lahore aie”, but then I would be unfaithful, both to Lahore and my memories of that city of my childhood

hidden path (poem new here, but from february!)

September 11, 2013

letting go

or discovering

unlearning to learn

rediscovering anew

a passage of rights

of sorts, uncharted

less known for us

the path strewn

with nettles

pebbles so small

that wound the feet

small droplets of blood

marking the path

for those who follow

to know they are

not alone

attracting also

the insects

like hounds to

the smell or

primeval instinct

of the hunt

the odor of fear

picked by the

keen nose

straining at the

leash for the

hunters whistle

so the uncertain

hidden path

future unknown

but pain certain





7 February 13

09:55 am

Rain over sleep!

May 26, 2013

Today’s early morning rain and the day long cool respite from the heat spell of the last few weeks, and this!

May 26, 2013 – 7.38 pm


A light flashed on the wall

An electric blue fleeting streak

Strong enough to penetrate

Through the small aperture

In the curtain and the wall

And then it was gone!

Like a car headlight beam

Playing hide and seek on the wall

As it turned the street

And I relaxed again,

Trying to cajole the elusive sleep

To settle on my eyelids

And give me some rest

At four in the morning

But then came the sound

Of a hundred hoof beats rolling

In the distance, and I smiled.

That was the light of the lighting

And this the thunders clap

I sat up to welcome the first drops

Of the rain forecast by the weatherman

The rain to allay the heat filled

Life and bring a long awaited relief!

And thunder only heard this time

The lightening perhaps farther

Than could penetrate the gap

And I strained my ears,

To hear the first drop of rain

Hit the parched earth

To bring forth the smell

Knowing it was futile

For the whir of the cooler’s fan

Drowned even thoughts and dreams

And then the smell

Bursting forth from

The bosom of the earth

Like the night of sorrow

Coming forth to meet me

Like a long lost love

And I smiled

Let sleep not come now

For this was bliss and more

Relaxing at this point

Than any sleep could be!

teray ishq nachaya – your love makes me dance

September 6, 2010

baba bulleh shah’s immortal song of love