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Fascinating Folktales found

September 22, 2018

Sometimes a newspaper article leads to a great find!


Mayo School of Arts, Lahore

September 22, 2018

A great institution Pakistanised like every thing else 😕

Now known as NCA!


August 30, 2018

There always will be

A candle kept lit

In a niche in every corner

Of every heart

To keep alive a hope

Of a long dead desire

Springing eternal

Like a mountain stream

The start of which

Knows not where the flow

Will peter out to a drop

Lost in eons of dried soil

For it is said

There is an unknown unseen

Hand plying the strings

Of the puppet

Called me!




15.07.18 – 8:24 pm


Politics, games, ploys

August 30, 2018

And during all the time your party was partying in the corridors of power, did you think of this & table your proposal?

Or is it all politics – a ploy to play a game of neither play nor let play?

Dance oblivious to all

August 30, 2018


August 30, 2018

that look of concern

or mocking perhaps

in the thought that it all

was a made up farce

a story or nothing at all

just an attempt at

seeking attention


slowly the smouldering depths of eyes

that did not

reflect the smile

on the lips

awakening to a new



that the drama played

may not be a farce

no masks no direction

just a flow

going where the flow went


and in that brief instant

he caught the curtain shift

to glimpse a fire

deeper than the

earth under her feet

and then


tottering on the corner

of the eye

a tear

enough to wet the

eons of dried earth






22.07.2017 —- 00:09 hours


Public service

July 1, 2018

Going barefoot

July 1, 2018


June 6, 2018

Listening to Shahbaz Sharif extolling his work and telling people to prepare for electricity outages.

Feel the heat as you quit in tears & fears

Of where you stand with your peers

Stripped of your borrowed glamour & pomp

Waiting for the puppeteer to move his hand!

Time calls you out & gives you the chance

To amend and repent so you are saved

Being consigned to an ignominious future

Stemming from an inglorious past!

TWM – 31-05-2018 – 17.56 hours


Justice – a farce today

June 4, 2018

This news story is of April 08, 2018

Today is June 04, 2018

Justice has been done – to whom?

This was one of two million cases pending in the courts in Pakistan and today the honourable Lahore high court acquitted the accused Shah Hussain for stabbing Khadija Siddiqui 23 times in broad daylight.

Sitting in our air conditioned sitting room waiting for a 3 to 5 item iftari to be served we find it convenient to spread pearls of wisdom and impress people with our prowess in English easily forgetting that for the 52% of the voters who will not cast their vote or the 70% of the total population who are outside the ambit of the monster called electioneering the issues are where the next meal is coming from, when will justice be done in a 40 year old case, how to spend the night in the heat in the company of mosquitoes without electricity?

They have no idea of kalabagh; they never have nor will ride the metro, the orange, the green; they worry about the next months rent and electricity bill; for their children our discards are party dresses and our garbage playthings and toys.

Their efforts are to walk down the street which was dug up 5 years ago without spraining an ankle or falling in a pothole turned deep dig over time; their prayer is to not fall sick as they cannot afford treatment and doctors in government hospitals run clinics or are on strike;

But that is so stupid of me to rant about!

So when do we have the ‘candle vigil’ at liberty round about to demand Justice for Khadija – now that is the fashionable thing to do, after which back to our AC’ed drawing room for more kalabagh, nominations papers, Presidents salary, America bashing, politically incorrect talks, and making the next cabinet and future of Pakistan.

Meanwhile what happens to khadija is not our worry – she is no one for us to be concerned over for now!

She is not our daughter so …………