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this was Pakistan also

August 13, 2012

we were a tolerant, caring and loving people. then something went wrong – Allah’s wrath visited us for the sins of intolerance, please see these links for the stories – what we were and what we have become are two entirely different planes!


August 5, 2012

as i go about the chores of life, i find more and more people not replying to any form of greetings that should pass between people when they meet. my thoughts on this surface in these jottings.

please remember to return the greeting, if you do not offer these first, when you meet anyone in your daily life. and recollect how even passerby’s in the street or in the mall aisles abroad, always have a smile, a nod of the head and a hello for us, irrespective!




have we become,

not bothering

even to answer

a given greeting

ignoring the simple

wa alaikum as salam

do we do this

to save our time

thoughts and breath?

or have we lost

the lessons learnt

walking on our knees

seeking love in greeting

in our childish voices?

or in the rush

of life to

head on meet

destiny, we forget

the simple

assalam o alikum

is to save us

from doom

02 august 2012

1 am

May 2, 2012

from amna javed who is like a daughter to me.

Silent Observer

There is a world out there. A huge division..with people in it..a part of it. And birds and animals…and sun and stars and there is the moon. Green grass and blue skies..which change colour. And rain!!

And there is fantasy … but it is perfect.

And in the world there are cars and buildings and food..and lights. And murder and bloodshed..and riots and heartbreak.

Then there are airplanes and ships and fish.

And poets and artists and actors and singers and dancers.

And then teachers and students and lawyers and politicians and business people..Also there are homeless people too.

Sounds and music.

Th Raven was flying high above…and he asked the Eagle, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Eagle answered, “Because it is all real!”.

So the Raven flew lower and asked the Horse, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Horse said, “So the world won’t be empty.”.

But the Raven flew close to…

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Air Crash near Islamabad

April 21, 2012

RIP the 127 passengers and crew of the bhoja air flight that crashed outside islamabad airport last evening (friday april 20). staying uo till 2 am glued to the TV watching the news as it unfolds is not the right way to do things – may Allah bless the departed souls, more painful are the stories that are coming through about the survivors. the media in its war for rating’s leaves decency behind.

please say a prayer for the departed and for strength to the survivors.

Dhamak – Original Sound Track

March 31, 2012

Dhamak the drama series on life of survivors of terrorism.


March 18, 2012

we all have our crosses to bear. it’s the manner of bearing the cross that is the difference between Jesus and the pagans!

Ghulam Nabi Malik, first Pakistani Principal Mayo School of Arts (now NCA) Lahore

March 16, 2012

i am proud of the fact that the first Pakistani Principal of the Mayo School of Arts – now NCA Lahore – Ghulam Nabi Malik (1947 to 1954) was my grandfather.

“Before I took up work there, there had been no co-education at the institute. There were a few female students in my classes, but they were relegated to the basement of the National College of Arts. One day, I went to Mr. Ghulam Nabi, the Principal of the Mayo School of Arts and said:“Sir, I would like to mix these classes. The girls come here to learn art and we cannot provide an extra model because of lack of funds. If you will allow me, this will be done. “Mr. Ghulam Nabi gave me a free hand: “Kutub, if you think you can succeed, go ahead.”