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Life Goes On

September 4, 2012

Life Goes On 6.

best depiction ever!

May 2, 2012

from amna javed who is like a daughter to me.

Silent Observer

There is a world out there. A huge division..with people in it..a part of it. And birds and animals…and sun and stars and there is the moon. Green grass and blue skies..which change colour. And rain!!

And there is fantasy … but it is perfect.

And in the world there are cars and buildings and food..and lights. And murder and bloodshed..and riots and heartbreak.

Then there are airplanes and ships and fish.

And poets and artists and actors and singers and dancers.

And then teachers and students and lawyers and politicians and business people..Also there are homeless people too.

Sounds and music.

Th Raven was flying high above…and he asked the Eagle, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Eagle answered, “Because it is all real!”.

So the Raven flew lower and asked the Horse, “Why does all this exist?”.

The Horse said, “So the world won’t be empty.”.

But the Raven flew close to…

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Air Crash near Islamabad

April 21, 2012

RIP the 127 passengers and crew of the bhoja air flight that crashed outside islamabad airport last evening (friday april 20). staying uo till 2 am glued to the TV watching the news as it unfolds is not the right way to do things – may Allah bless the departed souls, more painful are the stories that are coming through about the survivors. the media in its war for rating’s leaves decency behind.

please say a prayer for the departed and for strength to the survivors.

thought for the day

November 13, 2011

right but irrelevant – interesting combination!

Osama and PNS Mehran

May 27, 2011

For those who may not be following the news out of Pakistan, to relate to this piece, here is the link:

i sent the following as a letter to the editor, to the main newspapers in Pakistan, it obviously did not merit attention!


Since the taking out of Osama bin Laden by the US Navy Seals on May 2, 2011, the Pakistan Navy has come under Taliban attack in the just ended 16 hour standoff at PNS Mehran. On the face of it, it seems as random target selection by the Taliban, meant to create harassment, demoralization, and exposing the vulnerability of the security services/agencies in proactively countering the threat; rather resorting to a reactive declaration of “High Alert” with commentators and defense experts decrying security lapse, lack of information, foreign hand, and similar sure to create hype comments.

Before saying anything about this incident let me say that the choice of the navy seems to be the fallout of using the US Navy Seals in Abbottabad, it is easy to channel the anger for ‘their’ Navy towards ‘our’ Navy! Lucky too, otherwise a lot of people would have lost their midriffs because of naval interpretation!

Let me say how totally reactive to terrorist attacks we are, even the simple indicators that would make us proactive have been ignored. In the case of PNS Mehran, the information flow has been flawed; reports of seven militants being captured and five killed were refuted by the Interior Minister saying all had been killed. Second the entry point of the militants was said to be a water drain, TV grabs of the drain show it to be big enough to drive a medium size van through, why was the drain entry not secured? Or if it was then what material was used that rendered it easy to penetrate? Then the amount of wild bush growth / scrub shown on the TV shots is another question – why was it not cleared? Not only from the terrorist hide out point, but from fire hazard and bird safety point of view?

The question that we all need to be asking is not what happened and how, but what will be done by anyone anywhere to prevent the next incident. How much longer can we afford fire fighting rather than fire proofing our establishments? Will we continue to be reactive and adopt passive measures, or can we go on the front foot and be proactive and adopt active security measures? Or have we become immune to barricades, body searches, scanners, and have even stopped enjoying the basic outings that we used to do just a few years back?

Osama bin Laden is dead

May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead, justice has been done, i called president Zardari. Obama on TV a short while back.
That he was killed in a ground and gunship assault on his house in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by US Forces, 20 others were killed, and the American have his body. is of no consequence.
For now i am sad, and numb.

for those who missed it, here is obama’s speech (with transcript).

“KILLING IN THE NAME” wins Best Documentary at LA Shorts Fest’10

August 3, 2010

Killing in the Name
follows Ashraf’s quest to speak with victims and perpetrators and expose the true cost of terrorism. From an Al-Qaeda recruiter, to a militant behind one of the world’s worst terrorist attacks, to a madrassa full of boys ready for jihad, Ashraf takes us on a journey around the world to see if one man can speak truth to terror, and begin to turn the tide.

survivor network activities undertaken so far

December 13, 2009

1 – talked to the rector of islamic university about activities to be done … will follow up
2 – visited parade lane mosque attack survivors and spent time with them
3 – opened communications with air university about possibility to plan some activity related to terrorism/anti-terrorism
4 – working on 2-3 posters for use on occasions related al, networkto this activity
5 – looking for volunteers to stand with me during a few vigils that i plan to hold in islamabad