tahir wadood malik

i am survivor of an act of terrorism.

on October 05, 2009 my wife gul rukh tahir, was the first casualty of a suicide bombers act of blowing himself up in the office of the united nations, world food program, in islamabad pakistan.

for survivors of an act of terrorism, the pain is all-encompassing, all too deep, and all too unreal – the question “why” seems unanswerable …. and the pain persists

i hope visiting this blog will change your perception of linking “Pakistan with Terror,” & you will see the people of Pakistan as effected by terror as you think you are!

and we live on …. for that is the way of the world.


beauty can pierce one like a pain.

if “to be or not to be, that is the question” how come E=MC^

Random Thoughts: seeker, looker, peace activist, recovering from ptsd, reiki master & meditation, laughing at a world where people try to be wise while being otherwise!

trying to be something that i want to be …. not knowing what, does not help either!!

Favorite Reading: dr zhivago, gone with the wind, kashful majoob,

Studying reiki, meditation, NLP

Favorite Writers: tagore, kipling & changes with what i read

Interests: change too often to be logged

Location: Lahore in actual –  Islamabad in the heart

58 Responses to “tahir wadood malik”

  1. Syed Abdullah Bin Zubair Says:

    Aslam-o-Aliqum Sir
    I am student of IIUI. Same case is happen with me and my family.
    I have lost my sister Syeda Amna Batool in 20th Bomb Blast at univ cafe.

    • Cathy Scott-Clark Says:

      Aslam-o-Aliqum Abdullah,

      I think we met at IIUI the day after the blast?? I am making a film about this blast and others in the capital for British TV. I am already speaking to other families who lost their children in the IIUI blast and survivors, including some of Amna’s friends. Will you call me 0300 575 0931. I am here until May 23.

      Cathy Scott-Clark
      Channel 4

  2. tahir wadood malik Says:

    dear abdullah,
    i would like to meet you and your family, please contact me urgently, so we can set up a rendezvous for this.
    best regards abd be safe.


    • Cathy Scott-Clark Says:

      Dear Major Tahir,

      I am in Islamabad working on a documentary for UK TV regarding survivors of suicide blasts in the capital. May we speak urgently 0300 575 0931. Thank you,

      Cathy Scott-Clark
      Channel 4 TV

  3. Marco Bottelli Says:

    My name is Marco Bottelli, i’m a italian photographer based in Islamabad.
    I read about your blog on the article of Mr. Nadeem Tarar “Supporting victims and survivors of terrorist attacks in Pakistan” and i was impressed about this issue.
    I would like to know more, listen some story.
    If you are interest we can meet anyway.
    Thank you so much


    Marco Bottelli

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear marco botelli. would be a pleasure to talk to you and share stories. please send me ur email id, and i’ll send u my contact.
      take care

      • Nasreen Khan Says:

        Dear Tahir,
        Asaalam alay kum,
        I work for a charity called Clear project in Southampton UK. I work as a receptionist/adviser for refugees and peopel with secure and insecure immigration status. Most of the people who come here have escaped what you have endured. I watched the Channel 4 documentry and cried seeing you and the other girls, I pray to Allah that you find peace and sernity in your life. It is good to know that you have set up a chrity for people who have gone through the same experiance that you have been through. Unfortunatley there is not much help to families of victime in pakistan, so its great to know that there is some form of condolence through your work.

        I used to be a BA Criminology student studying Terrorism, and I used to get a lot of Fashist remarks about Pakistani’s and Muslims, how we should be locked up and have the key thrown away etc… Our teacher was great and educated the ignorant well to get them to understand that Terrorism doesnt belong to a relgioun.

        I think that you should do Talks around Universities especially western Uni’s to tell your story so that people can actually see that we also are going through what the west went through only once.

        TC n God Bless

      • tahir wadood malik Says:

        thank you nasreen, and God bless
        comments like yours add to my resolve to continue my work with the survivors and victims of terrorism in Pakistan. we need all the help we can, and i guess this documentary has at least shown the people in the Uk that we are not all bad, but many are the effects of bad done to us.
        if you think that your work anything i have said in this blog or in the documentary please feel free to use it, and spread the message of peace.
        Allah be with you, please say a prayer us all. thank you

      • Jawad Zeb Khan Says:

        Dear Tahir,
        I am saddened to hear your story. In the aftermath of terrorism we have countless PTSD people in Pakistan today and they all need to be listened to for we have lessons to learn from our past for a safe and secure future. My prayers are with you brother!
        Jawad Zeb

      • tango whiskey mike Says:

        thank you for reaching out!

  4. Marco Bottelli Says:

    Hi Mr Tahir,
    thank your for your quick answer.
    my email is info@marcobottelli.com
    My website is http://www.marcobottelli.com
    Waiting for your contact


  5. Mark Says:

    Hello, The show you were making for British TV has just been aired here, If you wish to view the show you can find it here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/4od

    It is titled: “Dispatches: City of fear”

    Good luck to you and your family.

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      thank you very much, i appreciate your interest, channel 4 media is not available in Pakistan due to copyright reasons.
      be safe

      • Arshia Says:

        Dear Tahir Wadood Malik,

        I saw your story on Channel 4’s dispatches : City of fear. As a pakistani living abroad, who gets affected with each terror attack that happens in our country, I have been shaken to the core to hear such a deeply felt personal account. I want to thank you for everything you are doing to make sense of this madness, at the expense of re-living your own nightmare, and I just want to tell you that you will be in my prayers from now on.

        Kind regards,

        Dr Arshia Qasim.

      • tahir wadood malik Says:

        dear dr arshia qasim
        thank you for your comment, i feel greatly strengthened when i read from Pakistani’s abroad and their feelings mean a lot to me. that i am in the prayers of so many, has helped me in my work.
        as you say – reliving with each telling takes a toll each time, but i know that it gives support to others, and that firms my resolve to continue.
        Allah bless you, keep you and your loved ones happy and safe. aamen.

  6. Asim Ilyas Says:

    Tahir Sahib, AOA. Just finished watching the Ch4 documentary City of Fear. A truly outstanding film about truly remarkable people. I’m delighted that such a perspective has been broadcast into millions of homes, in my experience for the first time. Your story, and indeed you as a person: inspirational. People have much to learn from you and your like. Your actions and words are worthy of high praise indeed. Best of luck in delivering your message of peace to more people.

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear asim ilyas
      thank your for your kind words, i pray to Allah subhan ha wa talla, that He turns the hearts of people from bad to good, and for this state to end, and for peace to be Pakistan again. aamin

  7. Paul McMahon Says:

    Dear Tahir Wadood Malik,
    Asalam Waha Ali kum
    Greetings from Ireland. My name is Paul and I have lived and worked in Pakistan for fifteen years most of the time in Sindh province working on social and religious projects with the catholic church as a priest. I am also a psychotherapist/counsellor with particular concern for survivors of post traumatic stress. I myself grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland where there was a conflict raging for 29 years and more. At 22 years of age I went to Pakistan, fell in love with its people and served in whatever way I could. I am now back in Ireland.
    I have just watched the documentary regarding the situation in Islamabad and the awful effects terrorism wields in the lives of so many people. Like a stone dropped into a pond the ripples go on and on. In the same way untold lives are affected by such tragedies.
    I just want to say thankful for your presence and sharing the witness of your love and dedication to your beloved wife Motram Mrs Gul. I was deeply touched by your words and while I firmly believe with you that she is in the arms of Almighty God, her light and witness shone through the television screens of millions of viewers this evening.
    Gd Bless you Mr. Tahir, God Bless Pakistan.

    With Respect,
    Yours Sincerely,

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      Dear Paul McMahon
      i am sure that the prayers of many who say the documentary will bring about a change in Pakistan, and indeed all over the world.
      Allah be with you in your work of God, and if you are in Pakistan again, please feel free to contact me and we can talk and have a cup of tea together.
      Allah bless and God speed
      be safe

  8. Susanne Dickmann Says:

    Dear Mr. Malik,

    I have just watched the “City of Fear” program on UK television. I am a 46-year-old mother of a 4-year-old boy, living with his father, a dog and a cat in Mallorca, Spain. Out of gratitude for the good, the people and the blessings that Islam brings to my life, I reverted to Islam in 2007 – out of conviction. One of the most important people of my life lives in Karachi. Thanks to our friendship, I have a rare insight into what is going on in your country. I also support a godchild in an orphanage in Sargodha. Both these facts make me keep up with the news in Pakistan almost daily. I worry about my friend and his family as well as my god child every day. I also have many conversations about Islam. The program gave very valuable information about the effects terrorism has on the locals citizens, because many people out here believe that the Pakistani people bring these tragedies upon themselves by supporting Islamic militants. Hardly anybody, including foreign governments, understand the tribal hierarchies, their culture and traditions. I would like to express my deepest sympathies to you over the loss of your beautiful wife. I was very moved by the way you described her as your “whole”. I am convinced she is around you all the time. Please know that my family and I will from now on include you in our thoughts and prayers, and that your words on the program will stay with us. My sincerest best wishes for you. Susanne Dickmann

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      Dear Susanne Dickmann
      How can we thank you for your kind words, and for your prayers?
      May Allah guide us all in His path and create love in place of hatred that e carry in our hearts.
      Your unique perspective makes it easy for you to relate to what is shown in the documentary, i hope you will be able to create awareness around you.
      Allah bless you and your family, and keep you and your loved ones safe. aamen

  9. zertashia hussain Says:


    I have just watched the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary in the UK (titled City of Fear). I just wanted to tell you that I cannot imagine the pain you must feel having been through the loss of a loved one to such a disgusting act of violence.

    I think it is amazing and wonderful that you are doing something constructive and helpful to others. The true mark of a wonderful human being.

    All the best.

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear zertashia hussain.
      thank you for your comments, we hope you will be able to relate to survivors and victims of terrorism not only in Pakistan but globally now that you are aware of the dimension of pain, and life in the aftermath of losing a loved one to terror.
      Allah bless, and keep you safe.
      please include us in your prayers.

  10. Sohail Says:

    Assalam U Alaikum,

    I just watched a channel 4 documentary in the UK featuring yourself and thought I would pass my condolences on the loss of your wife.

    Many thanks


  11. Adnan Says:

    Dear Tahir
    Just seen the City of Fear Documentary on Channel 4. My heart felt condolences to you for your personal loss and also to all others that have lost so much due to this menace of terrorism.
    Similar to you, although I’ve spent most of my life in the UK, my heat too belongs to Lahore, the place of my birth. It saddens me greatly to hear what is becoming of my motherland. The never ending catalog of misery that fills our news almost on a daily basis about what is happening in Pakistan. I think the Pakistani people have been dumbed-down with what they have had to suffer and experience during the short history of Pakistan – from the massacre of partition to the present day where acts of terrorism are broadcast on our tv screens on a daily basis. Where carnage and human misery is sensationalised by the media still coming to grasps with the freedom they have been afforded during the last few years. Inshallah soon Pakistanis will be able to and enjoy their lives without fear. Lets also hope that some Pakistani channel also shows this documentary on Pakistani TV such that our fellow countrymen can hear and relate to the suffering of others ordinary people. We all live in hope.
    Finally, your comments on starting your life again and forgetting and forgiving the perpetrators of the blast that killed your wife, are indeed very charitable. I am not sure I would feel the same level of forgiveness if I was unfortunate enough to be in a similar position. But yes life does go on and I do sincerely hope that you are able to rebuild your life once again.
    All the best

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear adnan
      thank you for your comments, i appreciate these.
      yes it was really difficult for me to convince myself that the only difference between them (the people who did the act that deprived me of my wife) and me was that while they had hatred in their heart, Allah has put me in a position where i can either hate them or forgive them. so i choose to forgive, for i cannot understand how a 19 year old boy will be dehumanized to such an extent that he will wear a suicide jacket and go end his life, and take others life, all of who he never knew even?
      please keep us in your prayers.
      may Allah keep you and your loved ones safe. aamen

  12. Dave Lau Says:

    Dear Tahir,

    last Monday I saw a programme on Dispatches by Channel 4, about Islamabad.

    I live in England, and yes, we in the West are so lucky because terrorist attacks are so rare, whereas in Pakistan it is frequent.

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your wife. I wish you well in your aim of making Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous country.

    My thoughts are with you. Sometimes, if we can’t make the world a better place, at least we can make the community we live in more tolerable.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dave Lau

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear dave lou
      thank you taking the time to comment, the intent behind agree to speak for the program was indeed as you say, to make our community, city, and country better, and free from violence and terrorism.
      may Allah bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe. aamen

  13. Russell Kelly Says:

    Dear Tahir

    Please allow me to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your wife, your love for her is clearly still fresh in your heart and shines through every word

    My own family was touched by “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland, where acts of violence became almost routine, each outrage justifying the next.

    The recent Despatches programme on C4 really brought home the personal tragedies that are often lost in the sheer scale and regularity of such attacks. To paraphrase Josef Stalin “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of thousands is mere statistics.”

    Listening to you speak on this programme was a timely reminder that each”statistic” is a personal tragedy that will touch upon the lives of many others, often leading them down a very dark path

    Your words are in inspiration, I hope you can continue to focus on the love you have for your wife and in doing so light the beacon for peace and forgiveness that your country desperately needs
    Your appearance on Despatches and the things you said will have done much to confound those who would destroy Pakistan, and I hope you can take some comfort in this

    Based on my own time in Asia and North Africa, your example shows the true face of the Islam that I experienced and I wish you well in your endeavours.

    If I can do anything to help here in the UK , please let me know.
    Russell Kelly

  14. Mahboob Bajwa Says:

    Dear Tahir,
    Assalamalaikum, I recently watched the C4 program which I had recorded when it was screened and was so deeply moved by it and in particular with that way you have dealt with this situation and your words. I don’t really know what to say except to thank you, as I am sure that the program has touched many people in the west and helped to change the perception many people have here about Pakistan as a victim of terrorism. Indeed being a Pakistani by origin and having lived in the UK nearly all my life, it enlightened me on the real cost of the war on terrorism and the many great and courageous people affected by it and trying to fight it in Pakistan.
    May Allah Bless you and grant your dear wife peace and forgiveness and Janat Al Firdous.

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      wa alaikum as salam mahboob,
      i appreciate your mail and your comments. indeed the loss is collective, for the death of one affects mankind, and if the death is unwarranted and wanton, it creates more ill will.
      the response i have received through emails and at times being stopped in the street and told of how the documentary helped change the perspective of ‘Pakistan and terrorism’ is indeed heartening.
      please keep us, and Pakistan in your prayers, for this is needed these days.
      God bless, and once again thank you for your mail.

  15. Syed Naveed Ali Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am working in TV 1 / News 1 , i need your number and email address to contact you. plz call me on this number 03142109731

  16. the s.a. project Says:

    Dear Tahir Shb,

    I saw the Channel 4 documentary online and I was very moved. I searched the internet for you and found this blog. I just wanted to offer my support (even if it is online) and tell you that you are a very brave man with a very big heart. What you have gone through is terrible, but instead of giving up on life you have used this experience to reach out to others in similar situations. You are truly a noble man and I’m sure your wife must be honoured.

    Pakistan needs more people like you…people who use their life’s experiences to help build a stronger and non-violent future for our country. Good luck.


    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear saira, assalam o alaikum
      thank you for your comment, it only strengthens my resolve to continue my struggle to speak truth to terror, and fight for the survivors.
      i talked to the students at nca in december 2009, i think it is time for a follow-up. thank you for reminding me that time has flown!
      best regards.
      tahir wadood

  17. John Smith Says:

    Dear Mr. Tahib,

    I just watched the Dispatches episode entitled ‘City of Fear’.

    I was strongly compelled to contact you.

    Reaching out to strangers, indeed even wanting to reach out, is something that I have seldom done. But you seem strangely familiar to me. Perhaps it is that you remind me of one of my uncles. Your eyes and your demeanour are similar.

    I do not believe in first impressions. Indeed, I believe that impressions are just that – a face that one chooses to present to the world. The true nature of a person is revealed in his character and in his actions.

    With that said, I hope you will forgive me for seeming presumptuous. I can see that your wife Gul was a good, gentle woman, and that you are a good man.

    In the photograph of the two of you together, one can clearly see how happy you were together, and how proud you were. Your eyes were shining.

    I hope that time dimishes your suffering. I hope that you manage to find solace in the words and company of those who you have touched.

    And like you, I do not see the hand of Allah, or God, in these acts of unconscionable evil.

    May Peace be with you always,

    John Smith

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear mr. john smith
      greetings from Pakistan.
      thank you for your comments, they go a long way to help me cope, and to my resolve to not let her passing away be another statistic.

      tahir wadood malik

  18. Jonah Gold Says:

    Hello Tahir,

    I work for the Common Ground News Service, which distributes articles on Muslim Western relations to dozens of newspapers and over 30,000 subscribers each week. We would love for you to write an article for us. Please contact me at jgold@sfcg.org to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

  19. Muhammad Ajmal Khan Baloch Says:

    Salam Mr Tahir W. Malik . . . !
    We Have Already met at your home, the other day, for the interview as well as Survey of my M. Phil Research Thesis on the Topic: “Social Impact of Suicide Terror on Victims’ Families With Special Focus on Rawalpindi & Islamabad” . . . . Along With My Research Dissertation on the Topic cited above, I also have launched my own website “Victims of Terror” . . . I extremely very sorry to say that due to lost of my cell phone, I’ve lost your Cell number . . . Please send me your Cell number so that We both can work for the awarness campaign regarding Terrorism and its Impact on Victims and to promote Love, Peace, humanity in the society by eliminating Hate as well as extremism from our society + the world.
    Please do contact me at my cell No: +92 – 345 – 35 35 0 35 and/or E-mail ID: spo_ajmal@hotmail.co.uk

  20. matdgz Says:

    Dear Mr Tahir Wadood Malik,

    I, like many others on this thread, have seen the Channel 4 documentary ‘City of Fear’. I have literally just finished watching it online. I found the whole program’s content horrifying but optimistic, even when told through the thoughts, memories and experiences of people who have lived through much turmoil and pain. I found your story particularly moving, and your passion and heart so very inspiring. I cannot begin to understand what you have been through, but you have my absolute heartfelt sympathies.

    I live in Manchester, England. I’m not religious at all. I have been around Pakistani, Bengali and Indian people all my life. But only now, as man in his mid-twenties, am I beginning to understand the background some of those people have left behind to make a life abroad: their memories, their favourite walking spots, a meal they shared with a friend or relative – all the little things that help define and direct us… It saddens me that these things do not count to those who would commit a heinous crime. They are no-ones to take away.

    In England, a terrorist attack in any country is covered in the media and because it is so frequent, I fear the repeated headlines desensitize viewers. Its become normal. Yet, when there’s an incident in England (like you mentioned in the documentary, 7/7 or 9/11), its the biggest story to hit the headlines. We have no idea what its really like. Its a TV news report or a page in the newspaper – there’s nothing tangible. And families are being broken apart by very real atrocities. It feels as if we live in a bubble, here in the West.

    If there is a God, and if he/she/it has a will, I seriously doubt that things like what happened to your wife and so many other families in Pakistan are a part of it. This evil was committed at the hands of misguided, ignorant men, and the fact that you can forgive them is testament to your character. And I admire you greatly for it.

    I hope that some day Pakistan finds peace and its people can live without this twisted fear, this unfair normalcy.

    You will be in my thoughts forever.


    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear mat.
      i do not have the words to say how much your mail means to me. in the mid-twenties, terrorism should be the last thing on your mind, so much to live for and so much to be happy about, but you are writing to me with wonderful eloquence about your feelings on watching the ‘city of fear’. and indeed, yesterdays events just a short hour and forty minutes drive away from islamabad bring home the reality of this all! the fear is everywhere.
      you mail, and feelings, strengthen my belief that there is more inherent good than bad in people in this world. which makes me stronger to stand and face terror, and speak truth to terror.
      God bless you, and may you be happy and safe.
      tahir wadood malik

  21. zohaib Says:

    Dear Mr. Tahir Wadood i am Zohaib and working as an accountant in U.A.E. Farzana who died with your wife in WFP Islamabad was my causin and also a friend. I will be in Pakistan in January 2012 and hoping that we will meet in Islamabad and will discuss about the matter. InshaAllah

  22. Arif Humayun Says:

    Mr. Malik: Your article in today’s Dawn (15 Sept) was very touching. I want to tell you that I have formed an interfaith dialogue group Circle of Peace (www.CircleOfPeaceOnLine.org) to explain the causes of radicalism amongst Muslims and understand the causes in other faiths. Radicalism is a growing phenomenon and we see the “home grown” version becoming an issue in the US and Europe.

    Please visit the Circle of Peace website and read some of my articles. I believe that education of Muslims in identifying the causes of radicalism is equally important. I have also published a book Connivance by Silence to highlight this phenomenon.

  23. Hina Ali Says:

    Hello Sir, I am a Karachi based journalist. Working on a documentary about victims of terrorism and their inspirational stories. I have read all about inspirational story, how you cope with it and saw it on Channel 4. I was wondering if you know people (victims of terrorism) in Lahore who are coping with their tragedies in an inspirational way like yourself.

  24. Hina Ali Says:

    My colleague Wasif might have contacted you. He is taking care of Islamabad and I am working on Lahore. We work for Sharmeen Obaid Films.

  25. Athar Waheed Says:

    Dear Tahir Wadood Malik Sb.
    AOA. Firsrt, I would like to say that counter-narratives by victims of terrorism is one of the major componants of effective anti-terrorism strategy in modern world. I must say that such victims are still forgotten entities and are just reduced to statistical number. Here, in Pakistan we are lacking any comprehensive system of victim services. Victimology is an emerging subject in the world. International Victimology Institute at Tilburg University,Nethersland, Tokiwa Institute of Victimology, TIVI, Japan, World Society of Victimology, European Network for Victims of Terrorism and many other organizations are working on victims’s issues. But still international instruments take such victims in the general category of victims of crime.
    We need to estabish a victimological forum in Pakistan. I am undertaking my doctoral research on victim services for victims of terrorism in Pakistan with collaboration of INTERVICT but I am more interested in establishing a Pakistan Society of Victimology and I have drafted its constitution. I want to have a meeting with you to further discuss my project. Kind regards
    Athar Waheed

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      absolutely right, and on top of it, most of the survivors are from rural areas, and their loved ones have lost their life while in a city doing their jobs! so they are just lost to the system, they do not know who and how to talk to and relive their trauma daily, instead of getting catharsis by talking, counseling, or otherwise knowing that they are not alone in this pain!
      thank you for your interest, hope we can together come up with a viable forum.
      be blessed

  26. Athar Says:

    I propose National Symposium for the Victims of Terrorism in Pakistan in the first quarter of next year. We can call some of victims to express their concerns and problems. At the same time, we can introduce some basic victim services. We have to raise the voice of unheard. We can also invite all the concerned stake -holders to fomulate basic policy guidelines for better services to such victims in Pakistan.

  27. khalid Says:

    Dear Mr Mallik…
    Aswkm….my name is mohammed khalid and i am.from.india,i just saw the documentry,city of fear and i was really moved by your story…there are no words to describe ur sorrow….you both were a really wonderful couple……..may her soul rest in peace in jannah…….may allah give you and all the other people who are affected by these cowardly acts strength to.move forward in life……..sir you r a warrior……you are in everyones prayers……

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear khalid, thank you for your comment, i appreciate your words, and it is your comments and others like this that give me the strength to keep going forward and saying NO TO TERRORISM
      be blessed, be safe

  28. anushka Says:

    Namaste mr tahir i am anushka from india and you have really changed my perception about pakistan. India looks to pakistan only as a home of terrorists but now i have come to know that you have a long war waging on terrorism. INDIA SALUTES millions of brave pakistanis who sacrifice their lives every day to put an end to terrorism. May their souls rest in peace

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      ** thank you anushka for your comment, apology for seeing this so late, some glitch in the system, this just showed up in the feed.
      we appreciate your comments, and hope you will continue to see us in this light now – we have suffered most of all in this long war on terror, not only in loss of men and material, but also in our credibility in the comity of nations
      be blessed., be happy, be safe

  29. Farhan Naseer Khan Says:

    Asalam o alaikum ! Dear Sir I am farhan Naseer from ministry of information and broadcasting. sir we just red your story u are countering extremism in such a courageous way that people should know about it on a large level. So sir on behalf of my ministry we want to produce a documentary on your story, countering violence extremism a project of ministry of information. Sir we need to contact you as soon as possible so kindly let us know if you are willing.
    Contact us sir!

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