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December 16, 2018

The unpredictability of how my moods swing without any apparent reason gets to be exhausting – yet these changes are something I have come to expect & rely on? In fact actually look forward to!

Sad even but true!

Sometimes even talking about Tolerance – Diversity – Trust – Fear – Capacity – Capability and Trauma becomes exhausting and seems futile, even though I believe in what I say & that it must be said in the face of diversity of views, actions, talk & faithlessness that I confront regularly.

When will the futility of it in peoples mind be replaced by an understanding of its importance? How many empty slogans, condolences, remembrances, vigils, prayers are needed before the hurt & pain is felt by those who make promises of change knowing nothing will change?

The irony of an iron will to fight the demonic curse of the hydra headed snake of terrorism is not lost on us.

When will the others accept? Not before the earth accepts one of theirs, a fate we want not for them!



Lahore – 17/12/18 1:00 am