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August 30, 2018

There always will be

A candle kept lit

In a niche in every corner

Of every heart

To keep alive a hope

Of a long dead desire

Springing eternal

Like a mountain stream

The start of which

Knows not where the flow

Will peter out to a drop

Lost in eons of dried soil

For it is said

There is an unknown unseen

Hand plying the strings

Of the puppet

Called me!




15.07.18 – 8:24 pm


Politics, games, ploys

August 30, 2018

And during all the time your party was partying in the corridors of power, did you think of this & table your proposal?

Or is it all politics – a ploy to play a game of neither play nor let play?

Dance oblivious to all

August 30, 2018


August 30, 2018

that look of concern

or mocking perhaps

in the thought that it all

was a made up farce

a story or nothing at all

just an attempt at

seeking attention


slowly the smouldering depths of eyes

that did not

reflect the smile

on the lips

awakening to a new



that the drama played

may not be a farce

no masks no direction

just a flow

going where the flow went


and in that brief instant

he caught the curtain shift

to glimpse a fire

deeper than the

earth under her feet

and then


tottering on the corner

of the eye

a tear

enough to wet the

eons of dried earth






22.07.2017 —- 00:09 hours