A life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


thank you Lisa for this, a brave thing to do. be blessed, and keep your voice loud in the din around us.

These Histories Travel With Me

A life with PTSD

Over the last couple of weeks, a number of events and conversations have inspired me to share the secrets of my PTSD. It’s something which I usually keep extremely private. Usually, the disclosure of my PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is limited to the explanation of ‘I don’t really do public transport’. Any further detail is spared, to protect both myself and the people around me.

Today I am letting my guard down. In part, because I was recently told off by my tearful sister for pushing her away; in part because I have noticed the silence of a friend, and I know what that means. Also, because another VERY brave friend of mine, explained his silence, his reclusiveness to the few people who share the only safe place he has left. It was one of the most courageous acts of bravery; he is a Veteran…

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