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August 29, 2012

should be replicated in all main cities to begin with!

Asif Sinan Plays Pakistan National Anthem on his guitar

August 27, 2012

really nice rendition, enjoy this folks!

this was Pakistan also

August 13, 2012

we were a tolerant, caring and loving people. then something went wrong – Allah’s wrath visited us for the sins of intolerance, please see these links for the stories – what we were and what we have become are two entirely different planes!

Fear No One, Frighten None (Sammy Rangel on the Sikh temple shooting in the USA)

August 10, 2012

sammy rangel is a dear friend, and a former extremist. the article is linked here

thank you sammy for mentioning me in your article is this para

“Leaving there, I had a thought about a solution. I recently posted on YouTube (after I heard about the attacks on the Sikh Temple and its people) encouraging others to take an intelligent stance against acts of terrorism—not emotional, impulsive ones. I know there is the right and the left. Some who are on the border will use these events to push them to one side or the other of the issue. Some will justify not budging from their long-held, but poorly defined beliefs. Even worse, some will feel as if it’s not their battle or as my friend Tahir Malik, who suffered a horrible loss due to an act of terrorism—on October 05, 2009 his wife Gul Rukh Tahir was the first casualty when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Country Office of the United Nations World Food Program, in Islamabad, Pakistan—said during the S|A|V|E event, “Some people will just turn the channel and do absolutely nothing.” My good friend James Shatzman mentioned a quote to me today. James is the Director of the Racine Community Re-entry program who welcomes and supports men and women back from incarceration in an effort to help them never offend again. He said, “Comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.”


August 5, 2012

as i go about the chores of life, i find more and more people not replying to any form of greetings that should pass between people when they meet. my thoughts on this surface in these jottings.

please remember to return the greeting, if you do not offer these first, when you meet anyone in your daily life. and recollect how even passerby’s in the street or in the mall aisles abroad, always have a smile, a nod of the head and a hello for us, irrespective!




have we become,

not bothering

even to answer

a given greeting

ignoring the simple

wa alaikum as salam

do we do this

to save our time

thoughts and breath?

or have we lost

the lessons learnt

walking on our knees

seeking love in greeting

in our childish voices?

or in the rush

of life to

head on meet

destiny, we forget

the simple

assalam o alikum

is to save us

from doom

02 august 2012

1 am