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Air Crash near Islamabad

April 21, 2012

RIP the 127 passengers and crew of the bhoja air flight that crashed outside islamabad airport last evening (friday april 20). staying uo till 2 am glued to the TV watching the news as it unfolds is not the right way to do things – may Allah bless the departed souls, more painful are the stories that are coming through about the survivors. the media in its war for rating’s leaves decency behind.

please say a prayer for the departed and for strength to the survivors.

Workshop on “Promoting regional security cooperation: what role for civil society and multilateral engagement?”

April 19, 2012

i have been invited to participate in the workshop on “Promoting regional security cooperation: what role for civil society and multilateral engagement?” on 26-27 April at the Institute of South Asian Studies in Singapore.

i have been asked to make opening remarks during the panel on countering violent extremism, and share some thoughts on how survivors of terrorism can help counter the appeal of violent extremism.

any suggestions on what to say and how to approach this are welcome. thank you in advance for your input.

Allah bless and keep you safe.

Background papers at:

1.       Civil Society and the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy: Opportunities and Challenges

2.       Countering Terrorism in South Asia: Strengthening Multilateral Engagement

3.       Strengthening Regional Security Cooperation and Capacity in South Asia: Key Observations, 17-18 October 2011 –

4.       UN Counterterrorism site –

World’s most expensive flash drive

April 17, 2012

And the prize goes to: World’s most expensive flash drive is a $37,000 sparkly mushroom

Good Bye Gilgit

April 16, 2012

Pakistan must shun extremism or there will be more such stories!
Anyone listening, caring, or bothering?
sad indeed, especially those of us who know the area, and the people, and have relatives living there. sad indeed.