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Dhamak – Original Sound Track

March 31, 2012

Dhamak the drama series on life of survivors of terrorism.

American Soldiers killing of Afghan civilians

March 18, 2012



something is not right in a lot of places in the US Military – the need to re-look at its role in the world is now essential. there is more to the madness when soldiers get drunk (repeatedly) and hit girlfriends, hit and run, and shoot and burn sleeping civilians!




March 18, 2012

we all have our crosses to bear. it’s the manner of bearing the cross that is the difference between Jesus and the pagans!

friend Wajahat’s juma khutba (sermon) at Duke University USA

March 17, 2012


Ghulam Nabi Malik, first Pakistani Principal Mayo School of Arts (now NCA) Lahore

March 16, 2012

i am proud of the fact that the first Pakistani Principal of the Mayo School of Arts – now NCA Lahore – Ghulam Nabi Malik (1947 to 1954) was my grandfather.

“Before I took up work there, there had been no co-education at the institute. There were a few female students in my classes, but they were relegated to the basement of the National College of Arts. One day, I went to Mr. Ghulam Nabi, the Principal of the Mayo School of Arts and said:“Sir, I would like to mix these classes. The girls come here to learn art and we cannot provide an extra model because of lack of funds. If you will allow me, this will be done. “Mr. Ghulam Nabi gave me a free hand: “Kutub, if you think you can succeed, go ahead.”

7 year old blast victim narrates ordeal

March 16, 2012

imagine your child facing a bomb blast!!

please share so we may spread our voice to speak against terrorism ….

Talat – Mera pyar mujhay lauta do

March 5, 2012

where have the days of such songs gone?


March 3, 2012

can we ever have enough?

life has a funny habit of going on

so is there a point where

enough is enough?