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Natalie Warne – Being young and making an impact

November 21, 2011

anonymous extraordinaries, invisible children, and other information, interesting and worth the 13 minutes.

forced me to think, that although there is no study on this issue, i personally know that children are abducted, brainwashed, and families blackmailed in Pakistan to make the children suicide bombers.

this is neither anonymous, nor extraordinary, but certainly it is invisible an ostrich head in the sand or the pigeons eyes closed syndrome – just another ordinary act on just another ordinary day! only we do not care.

Talks | TEDx – Natalie Warne: Being young and making an impact

thought for the day

November 13, 2011

right but irrelevant – interesting combination!

rulers …..

November 7, 2011

Watching the media replay the end of Gaddafi endlessly, prompted this piece.


And he said

I am king

But nobody

Accepted that

But he kept on

Doing things

For no one could

Dispute that.


Running between

Pillar and post

Not knowing

What was better

The devil

Or the deep blue sea

Lost and bewildered

Captive, although free.


For the price

Of life was

Made cheaper

Than the cost

Of living

A farce created

By demi-gods

Subjugating minds.


And he said

I am king

Only forgetting

The wrath of

Things stirred

Recoiling when

Pushed to the wall

Like the weakest of things.


A while more

And then who knows

Which king

Where throne

What kingdom

When time

Why lost

All blank eyes!


23 October 2011. 07:05 hours