Years by count just two

Days seven hundred and thirty

As of today

Have by light and dark

Gone past

Since the day

You left

Taken so cruelly

In the prime of life

Unfulfilled dreams




Business of life

Left behind.


Another day passed

In prayers

And remembrance


The proverb

Time heals

Proving it false

As time

Has only added to

And makes deeper

The wound


Though bandaged

Yet an open sore

Hurting more.

And so till the next

And so till the next.



October 05, 2011

19:45 hours

3 Responses to “Two”

  1. Two | Tea Break Says:

    […] Two […]

  2. toobaniazi Says:

    deep and touching!
    If people around us would have understood that killing a single person means depriving an entire family of life, happiness and satisfaction. Had they only understood! the world would have been a different place.

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