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37 children die in a bus accident

September 27, 2011

when 37 school children (of 105 people in a bus with the capacity of 52) between the ages of 11-14 die during a school outing because the bus they were on fell in a deep gully on the motorway, and everybody spends the next 24 hours passing the blame and waiting for the last of the children to be buried so that life can “go on as usual,” then do we really have to wonder what is wrong with the fabric of Pakistani society?

A Pakistani ponders the legacy of 9/11 by Tahir Wadood Malik

September 14, 2011

my article appears in this edition of the common ground news service..


September 9, 2011

one day to 9/11, another day of remembering the fall of the towers. will this too will be one of lamenting, reaffirming hate?
understanding or forgiveness seems not to have been an option for many in this decade.
will this 9/11 be the day that will change this?
will peace and forgiveness prevail after a decade?

unending obsidian darkness – all round madness

September 1, 2011

unending obsidian darkness

the current state of affairs all over, perhaps led to this outpouring of tangled thoughts and impressions.

with great reticence
and withdrawal in self
an obsidian darkness
engulfing all
ringing in thoughts
to a past
left incomplete
shattered in one instant
left unending
everything in life
and now
thoughts wander about
lost like in a maze
of hatred
of nothingness
looking around
seeing artifacts
designs hanging
in the air
prayers penance
of no avail
just a travail
treading alone
the paths of thoughts
knowing there will be
more chaos
just darkness prevails
let hatred reign
shut your eyes to it all

but then how will one
satiate the inner thirst
and answer the
unasked questions
in the eyes of all
who know not what
the reaper reaps
they only but
know to creep
looking for mirth
and sending barbs
tinged in ill humor
to hit an already
injured soul.
for enough is said
and more unsaid
fear the doers doings
tread lightly for when
he will hurl a barb at you
then we will be the
and you the prey!

aug 23, 2011
10:57 pm