condoling a death – general naseem riaz


on 7/7/11, i went to condole the passing away of gen naseem riaz, Allah bless his soul (and of bilal riaz) – aamen.

as the first anesthetist to be promoted a general in the pakistan army, his services to the profession are a source of inspiration to the others.

the general passed away two days after being hit by a rashly driven motorcycle. the general hit his head on the sidewalk and was badly injured. he was buried on the 29th of june. i was at Dublin, or would have been there to join the funeral prayers.

it was so ironic that i sat in the same well kept lawn, at about the same place that i sat in almost 19 months back when i condoled bilal’s passing away in the parade lane mosque attack, december 2009, with the general. deja vu, it brought tears to my eyes.

more sad is the fact that i had planned to visit the general this week to ask him to be the patron of the pakistan terrorism survivors network. Allah moves in mysterious ways.

may Allah bless all our loved ones who have passed away and give them a place in jannat ul firdous. aamen

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