like the glass half …


the proverbial glass
perception bound
half full or
empty half
in the way of looking
lies the answer
you say.

still, perceptions aside
the glass
is half
just like the
measures taken
to try to stem
the rot.

another picket
one more drop-down
put a pop-up in place
one more arm waving
policeman to stop
not even looking fiery
but weary and glum.

another statement
changed later
and even retracted
more money doled
to the victims family
photo-ops for all
not even measures half.

but the glass
perceptions or none
is empty for them
not half
the cannot for the
love of job
see the half.

and the turmoil
emptying more
leaving in the wake
unrest, anger, angst
wanting revenge
not from the perpetrator
but now from someone else

the sad passive state
unfelt by those who
should feel
a harbinger of doom
and a dark gloom
needs to be stemmed
before the deluge!

june 15, 2011
07:45 am


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