caught in a no-mans land
between a war
unsure if its
ours or theirs?
wondering why
we are losing
loved ones
all around,
with no abating in sight
afraid to even ask
when it will end?
for what if the answer is

dignity lost to brutality
throats parched,
silent grief,
eyes run dry,
who to turn to?
for God seems
to have forsaken
leaving us to
mop up in the wake
of another
ear shattering
heart rendering
dust rising

heard far and wide
causing people to pause
shake their head in
disbelief but a belief
oh no, not another one?
they groan
and get back to the mundane
task of eeking out the
daily sustenance for life
not knowing when
the next similar noise
will be where we are,
and like the others, we too
will be a statistic in another’s life!

June 08, 2011
11:17 hours

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