Hello from Devon


heidi mailed me in november 2010, after she saw the city of fear documentary on channel 4, we have since been in touch, and her strength in fighting an illness has been a source of courage for me.

her latest mail is forwarded, the internet makes linking so easy, and intimate.

we all need the support of each other more today than before.


Dear Tahir,
Greetings from Devon and I hope this email finds you well and busy as ever.

They say your sins will find you out and it seems evil men recently, have found this to be true. There are a few more to go but Karma seems to be on a roll.

The challenge now is to re-educate those who were taught to hate. Take it one day at a time and we will succeed.

I have told so many people about you and your quest. Some because of their age, knew nothing of the situation. After we talked, they went away and educated themselves and then their own friends. Slowly the message is going right round this world of ours. It has already travelled from You to me and from me to my family in Australia and Canada. If this carries on in this vein, the truth about surviving and education will have infiltrated everywhere.

I keep seeing Gill on TV and the work she is doing. She gets quite a lot of press coverage here and that helps so much. Seeing her strength and realising yours, helps me carry on when my past horrors try to drag me back into some kind of depression. So I thank you for helping me, educating me and allowing me to share your story with others. You do not realise how much you help and also who you help, so far away.

Life is going forward and I smile everyday. There was a time when even that would have been impossible. I am not saying it is easy, but it is possible and that is what counts.

Sorry I have not been in touch for a while and thank you for all the funny pictures, I do appreciate them.
Take care my friend and I will be in touch soon.

Kind regards,


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