Osama bin Laden – Closure or Continuance


my initial post on this blog and other sites was:

Osama bin Laden is dead, justice has been done, I called president Zardari. Obama on TV a short while back.

That he was killed in a ground and gunship assault on his house in Abbottabad, by US Forces, 20 others were killed, and the Americans have his body, is of no consequence.

For now I am sad, and numb.
Tahir Wadood Malik
Survivor of an act of terror October 05, 2009
May 03, 2011

subsequently, i wrote some more (follows) and this basically is what my mind feels about this situation.

i emailed this to the news, dawn, and the times, have not seen it in the news, i doubt if the others ran it.

My first reaction to the news early on May 3, was what is above; I posted it on my Blog, and on the different websites that I subscribe to.

For me, like perhaps for billions around the world, Osama bin Laden was a name and a picture. The personification of terror. Even though I am directly affected by the ideology that OBL stood for – death as an instrument of terror. I was sad and numb.

Later as I went through the day, the media hype, and general sense of prevailing disaster, I had time to think about what had happened. I wondered if the time, space, bandwidth and other media devoted to discussing the right or wrong of the American action to ‘take out’ OBL and it’s ‘fallout’ was not glorifying OBL the man, and creating a myth out of him. Or was it another deliberate attempt to keep up the hyperbole for the rationale of the ‘war against terror.’

I wonder, and many I talked to wonder too, is taking the life of a man also be the death of the idea he stands for. Was discussing OBL not pricking the wounds, still festering, of the hundreds of thousands of victims, and survivors? Glorifying OBL in death, while not even a mention of those he was supposedly responsible for the death of. Justice must be seen to be effective, in this case nothing is seen, nothing is clear, ambiguity reigns supreme!

OBL’s death does not bring me closure, for the suicide bomber who blew himself up killing my wife on October 5th, 2009, did not claim to be from Al Qaeda, in fact he himself died in the act of killing five, and injuring four. It is said he was from a local terrorist organization. One which spun off after the initial setbacks to Al Qaida and the Taliban, when the war on terror started in our neighborhood.

Already there have been attacks on different targets in Pakistan, and in Afghanistan, claiming to be as revenge for OBL’s death.

Where do we stand? In crushing a head, did we think that we would end the hydra? Forgetting that each of the strands of the hydra head was alive, capable of independent procreation.

Has ideology ever been brought to an end by taking away the advocate of the ideology? OBL may be dead, but for me there is no closure, for there still are many who will follow another OBL, and more survivors and more victims will be left to wonder why does the madness not stop with the killing of OBL?


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