two beliefs ?


As I sat through the coverage of the Ali bin Usman al Hajweri aka Data Sahib at Lahore on july 01, 2010, a germ of a question cropped up in my mind. Are there two gods? I asked me, and the answer, or more questions, formulated in the form of a poem, took the following shape.


are there two gods?
and two deities?
and two’s of what
is common good
and common bad?
and am i to believe
in two beliefs?
and belie a lifetime of
preaching from the pulpit?
common sense or happenings
differences of opinion
faith tempting fate
pitting love against hate
carrying all in a spate.

are there two gods?
one who shuns and says
no to suicide.
the other in whose scheme
that is the supreme sacrifice.
one who lays down the rules of war
to care even for the fallen
and succor for all.
the other that shuns these
and creates hate in the hearts
young and unsullied by hate
easy fertile ground for
sowing seeds of dissent
to carry out their war.

are there two gods?
one who bade ali to go
from hajver to lahore
to preach truth and sanctify
love for mankind
with followers still coming
to find peace and comfort
in the hallowed ground
of his last resting place
nine hundred thirty three years
after he passed this way
leaving legends to glorify
the absolute one god
whose love is sublime.

are there two gods?
one of the two who were
entrusted the task
to blow up the same
place of worship
next to the abode of
ali of hajver and wreck
death and mayhem
on the people
there to extol
the other god!
and leave in their wake
sorrow, lamentations, and cries
bewilderment at that this could be.

are there two gods?
one who i think is
on my side,
and the other
who the bomber thinks
is on his side
do i have to formulate my beliefs anew?
to think in two minds
mine and theirs
can both be right?
can dying to kill be so important
that it almost leads to
dehumanizing a human
as we know it to be.

are there two gods?
one that makes me what i am
the other that makes you what you are?
one that gives me compassion for you
the other that fills your heart
with hatred for me
unimaginable for me that it can be
and my heart fills with a bit of hate
like maybe you have for me
but my god makes me shun it
while your leads you to the end your life
and i did not know we were enemies
i did know there were two sides
nor that two sides can both be right

july 11, 2010 – 16:50 hours


2 Responses to “two beliefs ?”

  1. DamnYLHthe Liar Says:

    it reminds me of Ishwar, the god of goodness, and Ehrman, the god of the evil or destruction as envisaged in Zoroastrian teachings!!
    God says He made everything in Pairs…hence good and evil do seem go together!

  2. Mike McCray Says:

    Man’s sin perverts his understanding of the nature of God. Two trees are mentioned in ancient texts one the knowledge of good and evil which man was forbidden to eat of and the tree of life. Man choice was to know evil.

    There is God and sin in this world.

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