flow to ebb !!!


zindigi aa tujhay qatil kay hawalay kar doon
mujh say yeh bhouj uthaya nahi jatja aab tau

when do the tears stop
when will the pain go
when will the balm of time
fill the wound in the heart
where an unfulfilled soul
will quench its thirst
with nectar dew
or will the tears
pour out
reach the soul
sting with their salt
a greater sore
and who knows when
the tide will turn
the flow will ebb
fast to slow
start its backward flow
and then the end!

august 27, 09:25 hours


2 Responses to “flow to ebb !!!”

  1. mazbut Says:

    very touching:)

  2. Asma Says:

    lovely 🙂

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