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flow to ebb !!!

August 31, 2010

zindigi aa tujhay qatil kay hawalay kar doon
mujh say yeh bhouj uthaya nahi jatja aab tau

when do the tears stop
when will the pain go
when will the balm of time
fill the wound in the heart
where an unfulfilled soul
will quench its thirst
with nectar dew
or will the tears
pour out
reach the soul
sting with their salt
a greater sore
and who knows when
the tide will turn
the flow will ebb
fast to slow
start its backward flow
and then the end!

august 27, 09:25 hours

pak floods risk factors

August 30, 2010

good news coverage, pictures, video and links on this page


Pakistan Floods: 100,000 Pregnant Women At Risk


August 29, 2010

darkness to the nth degree – light a lamp, its very dark

August 27, 2010

“KILLING IN THE NAME” wins Best Documentary at LA Shorts Fest’10

August 3, 2010

Killing in the Name
follows Ashraf’s quest to speak with victims and perpetrators and expose the true cost of terrorism. From an Al-Qaeda recruiter, to a militant behind one of the world’s worst terrorist attacks, to a madrassa full of boys ready for jihad, Ashraf takes us on a journey around the world to see if one man can speak truth to terror, and begin to turn the tide.