will of which god?


13:45 – june 28, 2010

even today
a week shy of months nine
you come and say
it was god’s will
and had to pass
and some story you narrate
to allay your fear
and stay the tear.
always god’s will
in things that hurt
things that pain
where you cannot explain
the raison d’être of it
and go away
happy in the feeling
that you have pleased
both god and me
for his will is indisputable.

and as asking you is futile
i sit and ask myself
for between the will of god
and the act of man
you cannot discern the madness
that man has wrecked
on the lives of so many
others like me.
the very act of
looked down upon
by god’s of all
and us too.

how can an act forbidden
by the god’s of all
that created this chaos
be the will of god?
and i sit and wonder
when you will see
the futility of your reasoning
for in accepting this
you accept too
the misguided dehumanization
of the man
who blew himself up
known as the suicide bomber
and side with his people
the detractors of mankind’s
kindest emotion
the oneness of man with his god.

and in this acceptance
you allow the next
unholy will of god
to become holy
and glorify
that what you should be
assailing, condemning
deriding, speaking against.
but it is easier to go with the flow
and hard to say things true
so be it, for it is not you
perpetrators of god’s will
who lost someone
but i, who did.
and i cannot understand
how an act of terror
horror, sin
could be the will of god?


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