17:30, june 28, 2010

in losing you
i have lost
the will
to live

against all edicts
all reasoning
all sermons
from pulpits high

day in day out

terror dawned
to start my day
the dusk of which
took you away

where can i again
the will
for it was you

all the reasons
all the seasons
spring in winters
never summer or autumn.

and not getting any answer
i sit and brood
wondering, if ever.
the day will dawn anew.


2 Responses to “anew”

  1. phw Says:

    I have never seen a pakistani husband missing his wife for so long….i assume u shared a beautiful relationship with your wife….cherish the beauty of those moments…..some people who have live partners do not care to enjoy each others presence ….

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      phw, you say “for so long,” when it is just 10 months, time enough for a new life – but for me, nothing.
      and yes we had a bond, not a relationship.
      i wish others share with each other what we had.

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