channel 4 – final round


continuing from the earlier post on the subject:

today 20 may 2010, evening, atif sheikh, muneer ahmed, and i recorded our impressions and comments on how we went through the trauma of october 5, 2009, and what we went through in days and months following the incident. atif and muneer recalled their treatment, and how it has changed their view of the world and life itself. where as i talked about these, and how global survivors network, came into being, and what plans the pakistan terrorism survivors network has for working to network the survivors of terrorism in pakistan.

over all, the recordings went well, and became emotional at times, now it is for cathy and chris to weave the footage into the segments of the documentary.

on the face of it, and seeing the way cathy, chris, and sarah, have put their heart in the project, i can safely say that it will be a good portrayal of what is happening in pakistan, and how the world needs to re-think, revisit, and re-strategize their thoughts about terrorism and its effects on the common people in pakistan.

we hope that there will be no more gul rukh tahir’s and no more tahir wadood malik’s in pakistan … a far fetched hope, but achievable given half a will.


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