channel 4 UK documentary on terrorist attacks in islamabad


Cathy Scott-Clark May 13 at 9:53pm

Sir, I also sent a message to your blog. I am Islamabad making a film about survivors and victims of bomb blasts in the city. I urgently would like to meet you. Please call me 0300 575 0931.

Cathy Scott-Clark
Channel 4 and Guardian newspaper

dear friends

i met with cathy and chris yesterday, may 14 afternoon, and we had a fairly long discussion about the terrorism situation in pakistan. as her mail to me (above) says she is making a film for channel 4 UK, about the bombings in islamabad, and would like to meet as many victims / survivors of terrorist attacks / bombings in islamabad, to get their perspective on the prevailing situation.

since we have been affected by this, directly or indirectly, some of you may like to talk to cathy, on, or off the record, and help her make sense of this seemingly helpless situation.

i will be more than glad to facilitate your interaction and be present so as to make you feel more comfortable, if you would so like. please remember this will on a personal basis, and any reference to where you work will be in passing, just to make your background clear.

she has a special interest in wfp, iiui, and other locations/organizations, as the islamabad police is talking about the wfp investigation, arrests made, and case filed as a major breakthrough in the ict police fight against terrorism. cathy and her team have been provided clips of the wfp /iiui cctv, and other footage by the police to help them in the making of the documentary.

as i always say, talking is therapy, we keep our thoughts bottled up and keep smoldering inside, with no help from anyone … this may be an opportunity to let the steam out. talking to cathy does not mean your story will be used, unless you want it to be, but it will surely help her and all of us unravel what is happening, by getting your perspective on this.

good luck, god speed, and best wishes.


2 Responses to “channel 4 UK documentary on terrorist attacks in islamabad”

  1. Muneer Ahmed Says:

    waiting personally for the telecast of the documentary and interview

  2. tahir wadood malik Says:

    muneer, as was made clear, the documentary will be telecast only in the UK!

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