survivors project by italian photo-journalist


dear friends

i met with marco bottelli, an italian photo journalist today, and we talked about terrorism, victims and survivors.

while we both, like all of you and many others, wish that there be no more terrorism / victims / survivors in pakistan, or anywhere else, we also know that this is a far cry.

to highlight the situation in pakistan, marco bottelli has undertaken a project to show how the survivors are coping with their loss and what effects the loss of a loved one to terrorism are having on their day to day life.

i would like to reach you to come forward and share your feelings with marco, and i am sure that talking about this, by you and your family members, will also be a part of the healing process. i will be willing and glad to act as a facilitator / helper in these interactions, or you may like to talk to him alone.

please feel free to contact marco direct on the "to" address, or through me, and i’ll be glad to put you in touch.

also please circulate this mail to your known survivor or interested contacts so that this work may get some publicity and we may be able to reach more people to show the terrorism has to end, we are not cowed down by these acts, only our resolve to ‘speak truth to terror’ is strengthened.

thank you in advance



One Response to “survivors project by italian photo-journalist”

  1. tahir wadood malik Says:

    marco bottelli’s address can be had by sending me an email

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