islamic university – update


islamic university – update

january 25, 2010

met with the president of the university dr. anwar h siddiqui, had a very cordial talk about the university, the campus, both at h 10, and the faisal mosque, and the proposed activity. he went through the paper (even corrected a typo!) and sent me to meet ms. parveen qadir agha, the vice president (administration and finance)/director (female campus) who he called on the phone to say i was on my way.

ms. agha listened to me without interruption, and we talked of the bomb blasts at the university, amman, wfp blast, and the activity, i found her to be very open and receptive to the idea of an activity that would give the student/faculty/staff community an opportunity/forum/outlet to talk of their feelings about the twin bomb attacks at the university in a structured and supportive environment .

the first meeting to discuss the methodology and get inputs from the university is scheduled for monday, february 01, 2010. afternoon, the office of ms. agha called me in the evening of 25-01-10 to confirm some points, as they were preparing a notice to circulate on this subject.

i am sure that the enthusiasm shown both by the president and the vice president auger well for this activity to be a successful venture.

next report after the meeting on 01-02-10.

comments and suggestions welcome.


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