comments / feelings on a visit to parade lane in rawalpindi


longish post – PLEASE read, thank you

on 8 december 2009, i went to the parade lane area in rawalpindi, to condole with few of the families who lost their loved ones in friday’s (04-12-09) attack on the mosque inside the parade lane colony.

this has made me too emotionally stretched and something in me wants to go out and snap the necks of these people, but something else holds me back.

it has taken me two days to write this, two days of pain, of reflection, or prayers, and desperation at not being able to do it in one go, or doing anything else ……

the precision, timing, and execution of the attack was immaculate – surely there is food for thought in this.

not the now time to play the blame game, it is time to speak, and act, for silence and inaction are no longer options.


you cannot even begin to imagine the agony of a mother and father, and a 11 1/2 year old brother who lost a 8 year old son/brother to the terror attack on the mosque of Friday last (and the boy’s body came home less his left arm, and multiple injuries). and the 11 year old escaped alive without even a scratch and asks his parents why?

i just wish i had an answer to the 11 year old boys “why!”


and what about the wife, who has lost her husband and two sons? can you imagine her feelings? three lives taken in an instant. mutilated bodies to bury. she sits silent, her tears frozen in the time between seeing them off for juma prayers, hearing the bangs, firing, the hue and cry, followed by an eerie the silence, the wailing, and the shock of finding the three return home in a casket and then never be seen again.


today i feel like a commoner, like any pakistani. said a father, a retired general and a doctor. we used to see this on tv, but today i am one of them, he said.

his son was in the mosque and with him was his nephew, when the first blast took place, the uncle threw the nephew to the ground, and lay down on top of him, and was hit, and died.

the 7 year old asks why he is not dead, the grandfather told him because allah saved his life, the kid replied, no chachu (uncle) saved me, and cried.

i’ll never to the mosque to pray ever again, says the 7 year old.


and what about the retired officer who grappled with a terrorist, and was hit in the leg by another, he snatched the rifle and shot one, the other jumped from the window, but was taken injured by those outside. when the firing stopped, he turned to the other officer who asked him to come out, sir you go, my son has become a shaheed, let me go retrieve his body


and what about the 16 year old boy who with his friends went to the roof of the mosque for the prayers, and saw a grenade land in front of him, he picked it up and lobbed it out of the mosque, i am sure he was thinking he would narrate this incident to all afterwards like a hero in a movie, when another grenade came flying and landed a bit away from him … the others ran a few jumped off the roof, this boy leaped and made a grab at the grenade, but it exploded.

16 years snuffed out in a flash, a bang, a smoke, and a searing pain.


and what about the many who did not know what happened? they were offering their sunnat rakats when the terrorists stuck, they just went, not even a chance to run, duck, lie down on the floor, or even to make the reflex gesture to cover their faces with their hands?


i need your help dear all, i have started working to plan a few activities for the global survivors network ( and the pakistan survivors of terrorism network.

i need your input on two things,

1) what would be a good name for the pakistan network; and

2) what activity would you think will attract attention of all the peope in pakistan, the media, & the world?

please invite your friends to read this, any and all comments/suggestions accepted and appreciated.

god bless.


3 Responses to “comments / feelings on a visit to parade lane in rawalpindi”

  1. Moin Says:

    Malik Sahib, please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. No words can bring back your beloved wife. All we can do is pray for her salvation and that Allah may give you the strength to bear her loss.

    What you have started is indeed a very noble thing. Your meetings with the familes of Parade Lane victims was also a very thoughtful gesture. I cried out to read the harrowing accounts of what happened that day. And my heart bleeds to think how the survivors would be coping with this tragedy. I wish one of our television channels should start a regular programme to bring to the public the stories, pains and sufferings of these victims and their survivors. On one hand it would awake the conscience of our people, create a hatred for these senseless killers and would also keep our government on its toes to help out these people.

  2. tahir wadood malik Says:

    desr moin

    thank you for your comment, indeed it is a matter of pressing importance to rehabilitate the survior, or s/he becomes doubly scarred for life.
    what i am trying to do is heal my own heart, and help others heal theirs!

    please tell your friends about this issue, you will find me ready to come join you in any thing that may need my input.

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