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December 15 and 17, 2009 – National College of Arts Lahore

December 28, 2009

Met with the faculty with the support and lead of Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar, and talked to the students about surviving terrorism, the death of a NCA graduate in the Moon Market Lahore blast (07-12-09) added significance to this meeting.

Dr. Nadeem Omar Tarar of the NCA, is leading this activity, and has a blog going at to document terrorist activities and related information from the Pakistan point.

We plan to expand the activities to involve students in poster competition, slogan competition, and such activities.

I have been approached by students of the NCA who are willing to work on this with lots of zeal, and we will work together with Nadeem to create a core group who will reach out to the victims of terrorism, and in case of any future (God forbid) incident to try to be present to help in the evacuation, an/or assistance in locating victims on site, or in the hospitals.

Appreciate the efforts, and hope we will be able to make the NCA activity as a model or other institutions to follow.

An outcome of this talk was a meeting with a faculty member of FCC University Lahore, to work on a similar activity at the FCCU in January after the winter vacations.

survivor network activities undertaken so far

December 13, 2009

1 – talked to the rector of islamic university about activities to be done … will follow up
2 – visited parade lane mosque attack survivors and spent time with them
3 – opened communications with air university about possibility to plan some activity related to terrorism/anti-terrorism
4 – working on 2-3 posters for use on occasions related al, networkto this activity
5 – looking for volunteers to stand with me during a few vigils that i plan to hold in islamabad

comments / feelings on a visit to parade lane in rawalpindi

December 11, 2009

longish post – PLEASE read, thank you

on 8 december 2009, i went to the parade lane area in rawalpindi, to condole with few of the families who lost their loved ones in friday’s (04-12-09) attack on the mosque inside the parade lane colony.

this has made me too emotionally stretched and something in me wants to go out and snap the necks of these people, but something else holds me back.

it has taken me two days to write this, two days of pain, of reflection, or prayers, and desperation at not being able to do it in one go, or doing anything else ……

the precision, timing, and execution of the attack was immaculate – surely there is food for thought in this.

not the now time to play the blame game, it is time to speak, and act, for silence and inaction are no longer options.


you cannot even begin to imagine the agony of a mother and father, and a 11 1/2 year old brother who lost a 8 year old son/brother to the terror attack on the mosque of Friday last (and the boy’s body came home less his left arm, and multiple injuries). and the 11 year old escaped alive without even a scratch and asks his parents why?

i just wish i had an answer to the 11 year old boys “why!”


and what about the wife, who has lost her husband and two sons? can you imagine her feelings? three lives taken in an instant. mutilated bodies to bury. she sits silent, her tears frozen in the time between seeing them off for juma prayers, hearing the bangs, firing, the hue and cry, followed by an eerie the silence, the wailing, and the shock of finding the three return home in a casket and then never be seen again.——————————————————

today i feel like a commoner, like any pakistani. said a father, a retired general and a doctor. we used to see this on tv, but today i am one of them, he said.

his son was in the mosque and with him was his nephew, when the first blast took place, the uncle threw the nephew to the ground, and lay down on top of him, and was hit, and died.

the 7 year old asks why he is not dead, the grandfather told him because allah saved his life, the kid replied, no chachu (uncle) saved me, and cried.

i’ll never to the mosque to pray ever again, says the 7 year old.


and what about the retired officer who grappled with a terrorist, and was hit in the leg by another, he snatched the rifle and shot one, the other jumped from the window, but was taken injured by those outside. when the firing stopped, he turned to the other officer who asked him to come out, sir you go, my son has become a shaheed, let me go retrieve his body


and what about the 16 year old boy who with his friends went to the roof of the mosque for the prayers, and saw a grenade land in front of him, he picked it up and lobbed it out of the mosque, i am sure he was thinking he would narrate this incident to all afterwards like a hero in a movie, when another grenade came flying and landed a bit away from him … the others ran a few jumped off the roof, this boy leaped and made a grab at the grenade, but it exploded.

16 years snuffed out in a flash, a bang, a smoke, and a searing pain.


and what about the many who did not know what happened? they were offering their sunnat rakats when the terrorists stuck, they just went, not even a chance to run, duck, lie down on the floor, or even to make the reflex gesture to cover their faces with their hands?


Please visit Pakistan Terrorism Survivors Network Facebook page to show your support:

God bless.

remembering october 5

December 4, 2009

tomorrow will be two months to the un wfp islamabad, pakistan bombing, which took the life’s of five people.

two months ago the lives of five families were altered in an unimaginable manner, mine too, as my wife is one of the five.

tomorrow i plan a remembrance meeting at the site of the blast. a short meeting, with a minutes silence, prayers, candles, and tying ribbons to the tree outside the building in memory of the dead and injured.

while we will remember our loved ones for ever, this is my way of keeping the world involved in our fight against terrorism — keep the memory alive, speak, for silence is no longer an option.