day after eid day thoughts


as i sat and watched the butcher cut the goat’s that were slaughtered to bite size pieces for distribution – yesterday on the day of the eid of sacrifice – my thoughts went to the so many families of survivors who sit out this day not celebrating, as this would be their first eid (like mine) without the loved ones lost to an act of terror … making this occasion of joy and happiness one of sadness and sorrow, of remembering the loved ones lost – and wondering why?

and my heart feels heavy – i smile, and try to be happy with the kids, and the family, but deep inside there is a nagging emptiness, a feeling sad and forlorn, i realize that this emptiness is of the space where gul rukh resides, but cannot be seen, or heard, or talked to, or be with us, and the one thought that remains is WHY?

one can but bow to allah’s will, the final resort of minds and hearts lost.


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