four occassions / stages of wanting support


i am a survivor of a terrorist act

and i know from personal experience that a survivor of terrorism (one who has either survived the act, or is a survivor of someone who lost their life in the act) has four occasions to be devastated, depressed, and feeling alone – 1) immediately after the act; 2) when the people who came together to express their feelings leave and the survivor is left alone; 3) when the survivor finds themselves without any support like counseling, or a forum to talk in/to; and 4) a lifelong feeling of loss, and being alone and having to repeat about their loss, and not getting any “support.”

at the GSN, of which i am a part, and supporter, we want to address the 3 and 4 stage, helping survivors talk about their loss, make them feel they are not alone.

come join us, because silence is no longer an option!


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