i am a survivor of terrorism & went to amman jordan to meet survivors like me


just back after a four day learning, invigoration, eventful, loving, and caring trip to amman, jordan, organized by global survivors network.

got to meet 9 other survivors of terror, and share our thoughts, feelings and desires for the future with each other.


the highlight of the activity was the commemoration of the jordan attacks of 2005.

“Disease, natural disasters, fate do not discriminate. But terrorism does. It discriminates against the innocent. We, in Jordan, know this firsthand,” Her Majesty Queen Rania said in a statement marking the occasion.

it was an event that moved the people to tears, made them hold hands, and just stand silent and look, for speaking would have made them betray their emotions, the tree planting was attended by the ambassadors of the countries of nine of the survivors, and your guess is as good as mine, the only ambassador conspicuous by his absence was his excellency the ambassador of the islamic republic of pakistan (even after confirming that he would be there), so we, dr habiba, and i just planted the tree by ourselves!

i’ll write up my impressions of the trip and the events, but till then here is the coverage.



i would like to thank wolfgang harbinger, the country director of the world food program in pakistan, for thinking of me and getting me in touch with carie lemack and the global survivors network,

PLEASE find the time to visit the PakTSN Facebook page, to show your support to the survivors of terror, because here in pakistan, with every passing day we add to the number of of survivors of terror.

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2 Responses to “i am a survivor of terrorism & went to amman jordan to meet survivors like me”

  1. martin crabtree Says:

    Dear Tahir
    I recently watched a documentry on terrorism within Pakistan here in the UK in which you were featured. I feel very sorry for your lose, and would like to congratulate you on your strength, humanity and dignity.
    The world needs more like you.
    I wish you the very best for the future.
    Luton (UK)

    • tahir wadood malik Says:

      dear martin crabtree
      thank you for your comments, we hope to continue our work here in pakistan, and need your prayers to sustain us ine dark times that we come upon in this.

      thank you once again, God speed, be safe

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